1. What is a brand?
Anyone who wants to promote their business. For instance marketers or advertisers representing their agencies or companies.


2. Why do I have to include hashtags ‘promobay’ and ‘number’ in the caption of my last photo during the connection process of my Instagram profile?
We need to verify you are the owner of the claimed profile.
3. What base price should I set after a successful Instagram profile connection?
The minimum price you are willing to provide services for the brand. You can change this price anytime.


4. Why do I need to fill in the billing info correctly?
Promobay generates all the necessary documents on behalf of you like orders, invoices, receipts, etc., so it is important we have your details correctly.
5. When should I fill in the billing info as an individual?
If you are a freelancer and have a licence to provide advertising services. In this case, all documents generated by Promobay are just receipts rather than legal invoices which are subject to tax.<br /> Therefore, the brand will be asking you to sign a contract for each service you provide them.
6. When should I fill in the billing info as a company representative?
If you are employed by a company, it is necessary to provide all relevant information about them on the form. If your company is a registered tax payer, please also provide your VAT number in order to correctly generate the final price on invoices.
7. Can I change the billing info?
Yes, you can change it anytime. By changing it we will create a new unique series of invoice numbers for future invoices.


8. How can I download my issued invoices?
It is easy, just go to ‘menu’, click ‘payouts’ and you can download everything you need for your orders. Promobay creates a <b>unique series of invoice numbers</b> for admin ease and transparency.
9. When am I required to provide a service?
After you accepted the brand’s offer.
10. What happens after you have accepted the brand’s offer?
Following the brand’s payment, the money will be held in Promobay’s escrow account. Next, you have to go to the order details and upload a preview of the post by clicking on ‘submit your post for review’.
11. What happens if a brand does not respond to my post suggestion?
The agreement is cancelled and you are not required to provide any services for them.
12. What happens if a brand declines my post suggestion?
Prepare another post based on their requirements.
13. Can I or the brand suggest changes?
Following the accepted post preview by both parties, you can submit changes to the post. For the change to be valid, it must be accepted by both parties.
14. What happens if one party declines the change?
In this case, the last post preview which was accepted by both parties is valid.
15. What happens if I do not provide the agreed service?
If you miss the date and time of the post (with a +/- accuracy of 30 minutes) the order will be cancelled. The brand will be refunded and Promobay will automatically add a negative review to your profile.


16. When will I receive my earnings for the provided service?
Once the below conditions are met:
  • - Your post must be live for a minimum of 24 hours
  • - It must be posted at the agreed date and time
  • - The post must be identical to the preview both parties previously agreed on
Following this, the agreed price (minus the platform fee) will be added to your balance in the form of credits.
17. How can I withdraw my earnings?
Just go to ‘menu’, click ‘payouts’ and insert the amount you wish to withdraw. The minimum amount is €10. You can choose between sending your money via bank transfer or PayPal.
18. How long after my withdrawal request will I receive my earnings?
We will transfer it to your bank account in 14 days.