1. Who is a promoter?
Anyone with a high number of followers who has connected their social media account to Promobay and wants to provide advertising services for brands.
2. How can I promote my business?
Search for a topic, city or promoter’s name to connect with the audience most suitable for promoting your brand or product.<br /> Let the promoter create a post you want to publish or design it yourself. Before coming to a mutual agreement, payment for the service will be required as a guarantee to the promoter.


3. Why do I need to fill in the billing info correctly?
Promobay generates all the necessary documents on behalf of a promoter, like orders, invoices, receipts, agreements etc. It is therefore important that we have your details correctly in order to have the precise final price on your invoices.
4. When should I fill in the billing info as an individual?
If you are a individual and do not need invoices of the services provided by promoters.
5. When should I fill in the billing info as a company representative?
If you are employed by a company, it is necessary to provide all relevant information about them on the form. If your company is a registered tax payer, please also provide your VAT number in order to correctly generate the final price on invoices.
6. Can I change the billing info?
Yes, you can change it anytime.


7. How can I download my past invoices?
It is easy, just go to ‘menu’, click ‘balance’ and you can download everything you need.
8. What happens if a promoter accepts your offer?
Following your payment, the money will be held in Promobay’s escrow account. Next, the promoter prepares and submits a post for review – you can accept or decline the offer. If you choose to decline, you must provide a reason and suggest changes.
9. What happens if I accept a promoter’s post suggestion?
In this case you have made an agreement with the promoter. Now all you have to do is sit back and watch as your post reaches the right people at the right time.
10. What happens if I decline a promoter’s post suggestion?
You should provide suggestions on how to change the post to fit your requirements. Next, the promoter has to prepare another post suggestion with respect to your requirements.
11. What happens if one party declines the change?
In this case the last post preview which was accepted by both parties is valid.
12. What happens if a promoter does not provide the agreed service?
If a promoter misses the date and time of the post (with a +/- accuracy of 30 minutes) the order will be cancelled. You will be refunded and Promobay will automatically add a negative review to the promoter’s profile.
13. What is a successfully provided service?
Once the below conditions are met:
  • - The post must be live for a minimum of 24 hours
  • - It must be posted at the agreed date and time
  • - It must be identical to the preview both parties previously agreed on